Our cancellation insurance

Book your next vacation* today with peace of mind!

Our Covid Zen offer covers you in the event of:

• National or local confinement preventing you from going to your vacation place

• Accommodation closed by administrative decision related to Covid-19

Should your stay be unscheduled for any of the above reasons, you will benefit from free cancellation of your stay and a full refund.

*Offer valid from the 1st of February 2021 and for all stays during the season 2021, until the day of departure.

Our cancellation insurance

Our premium insurance - Novelty 2021

Benefit from many advantages

Fast and easy cancellation, without reason, without justification, you don’t have to do anything. You will have an answer from your insurer under 48h

Summary insurance premium…

Covered event: Your inability or will not to leave for any reason

Examples of events: Broken leg, Covid-19, etc ... Any reason is valid

Refund: Refund of cancellation fees with deduction of 30% deductible with a minimum of 50€

Conditions: No document or proof to provide, no minimum, refund by credit card, cancellation possible until the day of departure included

Proof to provide: None

Discover in detail the General Conditions of our Premium Insurance.