Experience in the air
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Experience in the air

Half day

For this half-day experience, make sure you have a good heart.
You will find yourself with your head in the clouds and discover the Vendée coast like you have never seen it before.
Don't forget your camera to immortalise this moment.

We advise you to get up early!

Head for the Aéro Club de Beauvoir-Fromentine.
From the Sol à Gogo campsite, it takes about 25 minutes to get there.
There is free parking on site.
We advise you to book in advance. This activity is very popular with travellers in high season.

The Aero Club offers 3 circuits for its first flights:

  • Gois circuit by microlight - 15 minutes - 50 €
  • La Guérinière circuit by microlight - 20 minutes - 80 €
  • Tour of the island of Noirmoutier - 45 minutes - €110

You will fly in a Skyranger or Nynja microlight.

Flights are only available for one person accompanied by a pilot.

Experience in the air

Arrival on the Beauvoir tarmac

You won't be taking off right away. Whether you have chosen a 15 or 45 minute flight, you will first have to attend a safety briefing before, during and after the flight. 

After this quick but necessary briefing, it's time to settle into the back of the microlight. 

Your hands get sweaty, your breath quickens as the plane does. 
You feel that this is it, the landing gear no longer touches the ground.
The take-off is gentle, but you can already see the ocean looming before your eyes. 
Seen from above, its grandeur is even more breathtaking. 
Keep your eyes wide open.
Throughout your flight, you'll be amazed. 
You will see Noirmoutier as you have never seen it before. 
Le Gois, La Guérinière, L'épine or La Chaize... all these places you know will pass before your eyes. 
Back on earth, because you have to come to terms with it, with stars in your eyes and memories sealed forever in your heart, you will only want to go back there as soon as possible!

And to do this, you know that you can count on the kindness and professionalism of the Aréo Club pilots who never tire of sharing their passion with you.

Arrival on the Beauvoir tarmac