Crossing by boat to the island of Yeu
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Crossing by boat to the island of Yeu

Take a day to get away from it all.

You don't need to take a plane for hours to get a change of scenery.
Just a few minutes away from France, beautiful landscapes await you.
If you dream of being on a white sandy beach, isolated, and swimming in translucent waters, this experience is for you.
A few minutes from the campsite, an island with a paradisiacal appearance is waiting for you.
A change of scenery guaranteed!
If you want to enjoy the view and recharge your batteries, then follow the guide!
We take you to one of the jewels of the Atlantic coast.
A rare pearl located near the Sol à Gogo campsite.
Believe us, we are not lacking in objectivity.
You will find out for yourself during this 'Ile d'Yeu' experience.

Please note: Yeu Island can only be reached by air or sea.
The most economical way to get there is by boat.

Two companies offer crossings, but the nearest pier to the campsite is in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie.
The Compagnie Vendéenne offers a 60 minute boat trip.
We advise you to opt for the first departures at 7 or 8 am.
This way you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the island.

A little bonus: there are free car parks near the pier.

  • P1: "Île d'Yeu" car park located 500 m from the pier
  • P2: car park of the old swimming pool located 1km from the pier
Crossing by boat to the island of Yeu

Start your visit in Port Joinville

This is the starting point of your day. This is where you will put your first foot on the ground. 
This small port with its authentic charm is the dynamic part of the island. There are many shops, bars and restaurants.

Not sure which way to go? Start by visiting a bike rental company. 
The island is lined with cycle paths and the terrain is fairly flat, so a bike is the best way to get around the island. 
However, you won't be the only one to opt for a bike, so to make sure you don't end up with nothing, remember to book your bike in advance.

Things not to miss 

As you ride along the trails with your hair blowing in the wind, don't forget to stop at strategic points. 

Stop at the Port de la Meule. This place is a hymn to beauty. This recess in the water between the cliffs has a charming little harbour where small boats take shelter. 

Continue your journey to the Old Castle of the island. This is a MUST SEE if you visit the island.
This impressive building is built on the cliff. It overlooks the ocean. 
If you like history or if you are simply curious, the castle can be visited.

Another building is not to be missed. The Great Lighthouse is awe-inspiring in its grandeur. 
We strongly advise you to climb the steps to the top of this building. 
From the top you have a breathtaking view of the ocean and the island.

Start your visit in Port Joinville
Start your visit in Port Joinville

Beaches to lay your towel on

Because after visiting the island from top to bottom, you will surely need to relax...
The island has about thirty beaches with crystal clear waters worthy of the Caribbean, here is a selection of our favourites:

  • Soux beach
  • Anse des Fontaines
  • La Plage des Vieilles (supervised in high season)
  • Anse des Broches
  • The beach of Sabias

Between the sandy coast and the rocky coast, during your walk you will discover numerous beaches and creeks, each more beautiful than the next...

Our good addresses 

To find the best addresses on the island of Yeu, don't just stay on the port. 
Stroll through the narrow streets and you will find charming little towns that focus on home-made local products.

  • Les Bafouettes, enjoy home-made dishes
  • La Crêperie Martin, a safe bet!
  • Les Hautes Mers, make your taste buds and eyes tingle!

After this exotic day, we would be curious to know your impressions. 
On your return, don't hesitate to drop by the reception to give us feedback on this experience!

Beaches to lay your towel on
Beaches to lay your towel on